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Governance and Policies

Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox College is governed by a College Board. They are the custodians of the College’s past, present and future. Our Board members come with an array of experience from multiple disciplines.


The Head of College is appointed by the Board. The Board meets at least twice per term and has, in addition, workshops at which it considers governance and strategic long term planning issues. All directors of the governing body are responsible persons of good character in both the moral and legal interpretation of those terms.


Additionally a stated responsibility of the College Board is to ensure that the school complies with all legislation, State and Federal. This includes the responsibility to ensure that all appropriate records are maintained and to report as required to the Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and the NSW Minister for Education. For operational purposes, this responsibility is delegated to the Head of College who reports to the Board at each of its meetings.


The Head of College is not a director of the College Board, but attends, as of right, meetings of the Board. The College Board is composed of a mix of people with a rich and varied set of skills including; education, law, finance, communication, parenting, building, planning and development. These people have as their prime purpose the fulfilment of the educational mission of the Coptic Church.


The College Board is responsible for the governance of the College and delegates to the Head of College the management and conduct of the College. The Head of College provides a comprehensive report to the Board at each meeting. As well, throughout the year when necessary or appropriate, the Board receives reports from various staff members on particular areas of their operations.


  • Mr Mahrous (Ross) Nassif – Board member
  • Dr Lydia Moussa – Board member
  • Ms Debbie Armanious – Board member
  • Mr Mark Girgis – Board member
  • Dr Emad Awadalla – Board member