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College Logo

Saint Mark’s College logo is very special and carries a significant meaning.


The SOUTHERN CROSS on the logo that surrounds the Coptic Cross represents Australia, as it appears on the Australian national flag.


The COPTIC CROSS that appears in the middle of the logo is a representation of the Coptic roots of the college.


The LOTUS LEAVES that gather the Coptic Cross are a symbol of Egypt as this plant is part of ancient Egypt heritage.


The COPTIC words means Holy in the ancient language of the Coptic Church. This word is used as a description of God to help us to feel that God is indeed with us and that we must live a holy life.


The DATE that appears opposite the Coptic word, 1996, is the date of the establishment of the College.

The VERSE “To Live is Christ” is the College motto which all at the St Mark’s College live.