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ClickView is an educational video platform for the secondary school that we have invested in. Online access to our ClickView means that every student can access videos easily at home for research, homework and assignments, and teachers ‘flip the classroom’, asking students to view video content at home followed by quality discussions and higher-order thinking and problem-solving in class.

ClickView’s Curriculum Library for Secondary Schools comes with thousands of educational titles to support the Australian Curriculum and improve learning outcomes in our school.

The Curriculum Library includes 2,000+ curriculum-relevant titles which have been mapped to the Australian Curriculum, and includes additional resources to help support student learning.

All staff and secondary students can access ClickView Online by following these steps:

  • Go to this link:  Online.clickview.com.au

  • Enter your St Mark’s email address (example: xyz@stmarks.nsw.edu.au)

  • Select your school (St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox College)

  • Enter your school email and password to login

  • Search for videos or look in your subject folders

Student access is restricted to videos that are appropriately rated for their particular age group, according to the Australian Classification Standards.

If students are having difficulty accessing this resource, please see the Mr Metira.