Enrolling K-12, 2017 "Best Performing Independent School in Southwest Sydney"


Junior School Sports
St Mark's College is affiliated with the following School Sporting bodies at the Primary level, thus providing a diverse range of opportunities at representation level. IPSSO is an Independent Primary Schools Sports Organisation that we compete in on a weekly basis throughout the year for Year 3-6 students. Sports in this organisation include Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Newcombe Ball, Softball and Teeball.
Our Junior School also has annual carnivals including Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals. Students are then selected from those carnivals to compete at ASISSA (All Suburbs Independent School Sports Association) level. At ASISSA there are between 15-20 Independent schools that come to compete against one another with their elite athletes.
At St Mark's we also cater for our K-2 students and for our 3-6 students that are not involved in an IPSSO team by organising clinics such as Gymnastics, Aussie Hoops, AFL, NRL, and Cricket. We also have a swimming program that is organised for all K-6 students in Term 4.
Every student is given many opportunities to foster their sporting talents and interest.


Bishop Pope Tawadros II

HG Bishop Daniel-HH Pope Tawadros II

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Romans 15:2
“Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.”

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