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Examination Timetable:

    Examination Expectations:

    Students must be aware of the following:

    • Attend school on time each day to ensure you are on time for each exam as no extra time will be given to students who arrive late.

    • Attend in the correct full school uniform, including blazer.

    • Attend in full sports uniform on Tuesdays.

    • Males must be clean shaven and females must not be wearing nail polish or jewellery.

    • Attend sport on Tuesday afternoon. This includes SWISSA students.

    • Bring correct equipment for each exam and study session as sharing will not be permitted.

    • Talking, communicating or cheating during the exams will NOT be tolerated and may incur a penalty of a zero mark.

    • An Independent Evidence of Illness / Misadventure form (found in the Assessment Handbook) is  required if you are absent from an exam.

    • Students will be dismissed from their afternoon exams and will NOT be required to attend afternoon Roll Call.

    • Friday 11th November is a pupil free day for  students in Years 7 -12

    We wish you the very best in the upcoming examinations!


    Bishop Pope Tawadros II

    HG Bishop Daniel-HH Pope Tawadros II

    Verse of the Day

    Romans 15:2
    “Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.”

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