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Q1: What is the philosophy underlying St Markâ??s Coptic Orthodox College?
Q2: What's so different about a Coptic School? Don't they just teach the same curriculum as other schools anyway?
Q3: Won't the children be isolated from the Australian community?
Q4: Does my child really need protection at school?
Q5: What is the academic standard of St Mark's like?
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Q5: What is the academic standard of St Mark's like?

When St Markâ??s College first opened its doors in 1996, no one could know how well the students might perform. In 2009, St Markâ??s College will graduate its ninth Year 12 cohort. There is no doubt now that St Markâ??s students achieve superior results, both as individuals and as a group.

In the national NAPLAN assessments for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, St Markâ??s students consistently achieve results that are above the national average as a group. Individual students frequently score marks that are high enough to be â??off the chartâ?. Results in the School Certificate (Year 10) and Higher School Certificate (Year 12) show the same pattern.

One of the best indicators of a school's success is the number of graduates who are able to enter university. Most comprehensive schools - like our Coptic Colleges who take in students of many different ability levels - would be happy if 50% of their Year 12's went to uni. Selective schools, who take in only the top 5% of students, generally achieve university entrance rates of about 80%. St Mark's College has consistently achieved university entrance rates of 75-85% over its nine years of HSC exams - a remarkable achievement for a non-selective school! How can a relatively small school achieve such great results for its students? St Markâ??s provides a unique recipe that draws out the best out of students academically. There is a comfortable â??familyâ?? atmosphere that frees a child to be his/herself. Our community has a very strong study ethic supported by the home which leads to a similar atmosphere in the classroom. Teachers who work at our Colleges often remark that it is such a change to have students who actually want to learn! There is a general culture of striving to do your best and aiming as high as you can, but this is tempered with the spirit of Christian love and cooperation which avoids the harmful, selfish kind of competitiveness present in some selective and private schools. And of course, the schools work with the parishes to provide pastoral care and support and spiritual guidance through the stressful times.


Bishop Pope Tawadros II

HG Bishop Daniel-HH Pope Tawadros II

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