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Q1: What is the philosophy underlying St Markâ??s Coptic Orthodox College?
Q2: What's so different about a Coptic School? Don't they just teach the same curriculum as other schools anyway?
Q3: Won't the children be isolated from the Australian community?
Q4: Does my child really need protection at school?
Q5: What is the academic standard of St Mark's like?
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Q4: Does my child really need protection at school?

There is no doubt that schools have a lasting influence on a personâ??s character. Your child will spend 13 of the most impressionable years of their life immersed in their school environment. They will take on the flavour of that school for the rest of their life. The content of what is taught, the role models among both students and staff, and the specific experiences a student has at school play a major role in forming their personality and determining their future, whether for the better or for the worse.

Quarantine & Immunisation
At St Markâ??s, we use a balance of two approaches in helping children to grow into healthy, balanced and successful Christians. When they are young, we keep them away from influences that might harm them or teach them the wrong thing. We can call this approach â??Quarantineâ?, since we are isolating them from something dangerous. However, as they grow up, we want them to develop their own independent sense of right and wrong and learn how to apply the teachings of the Bible to real situations. We do this by gradually and carefully exposing them to these real issues in a controlled way and with guidance, until they develop their own ability to judge and make the right choices. We call this approach â??Immunisationâ??, since the controlled exposure to wrong builds up their own resources to resist it, much as a portion of a virus in a vaccine stimulates the body to develop its defences against that virus. Coptic schools provide both approaches at appropriate times to difficult issues such as: Evolution; Human Sexuality; Anti-Christian Beliefs; Other Religions; Atheism Relationships; Marriage; The Media; Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking.

The joint approach between the home, school and Church allows the child to grow up in a consistent environment that makes for a healthy and positive outlook on life.


Bishop Pope Tawadros II

HG Bishop Daniel-HH Pope Tawadros II

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