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Q1: What is the philosophy underlying St Markâ??s Coptic Orthodox College?
Q2: What's so different about a Coptic School? Don't they just teach the same curriculum as other schools anyway?
Q3: Won't the children be isolated from the Australian community?
Q4: Does my child really need protection at school?
Q5: What is the academic standard of St Mark's like?
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Q2: What's so different about a Coptic School? Don't they just teach the same curriculum as other schools anyway?

In addition to many of the services offered by other schools, our Coptic Schools offer some things that are unique, including:

    1. Sound theology: you can be sure that your child will be taught the correct Orthodox Christian faith rather than being confused with non-Orthodox teachings.

    2. A Christian Approach: controversial parts of the curriculum are taught from an Orthodox Christian perspective (e.g. human sexuality or evolution)

    3. Clergy: Parish Priests and Deaconesses are involved in the daily school life of the students.

    4. Genuine Christian staff: the Christian role model a teacher will provide is an important part of the selection procedure.

    5. Pastoral Care: structures and programs that work and are constantly being adjusted and tailored to meet the ever-changing social, emotional and spiritual needs of the students and their families.

    6. Cooperation: a Coptic School provides a unique opportunity for the three most important influences on a childâ??s life to be united in their approach to raising them: the school, the home and the parish.

    7. Heritage: Coptic language & hymns tie students to their history and to their Church. Students learn to feel comfortable and confident in their heritage and identity as Australian Copts.

    8. Academic Achievement: St Markâ??s students have achieved very highly over the years. In large part, this is due to the atmosphere that has been built up in the St Markâ??s College community, an atmosphere where parents, teachers and students are all genuinely dedicated to getting the best possible results.

    9. Security: Coptic Colleges have a far better record in the area of serious behavioural problems (drugs, smoking, criminal behaviour etc) than any other school system.

    10. Morality: the moral atmosphere is strongly based on the Bible. Unacceptable behaviour is quickly dealt with, both individually and as a trend among the student body. This allows children to be comfortable in doing the right thing, and to get into good habits of behaviour they will keep all their lives.


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