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Q1: What is the philosophy underlying St Markâ??s Coptic Orthodox College?
Q2: What's so different about a Coptic School? Don't they just teach the same curriculum as other schools anyway?
Q3: Won't the children be isolated from the Australian community?
Q4: Does my child really need protection at school?
Q5: What is the academic standard of St Mark's like?
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Q1: What is the philosophy underlying St Markâ??s Coptic Orthodox College?

St Markâ??s College has three simple aims that inform all its activities:

1. Coptic Orthodox Christianity

The College strives to produce students who sincerely love God their Father, the Church, their Mother, and all people as their brothers and sisters in Christ, and live out the Gospel.

2. Academic Excellence
Students are encouraged to perform to the very best of their abilities. Individual talents in many areas are nurtured.

3. Participation in the Australian Community
A good Christian is one who takes an active role and responsibility in the wider community. St Markâ??s takes what is best from both the Coptic and Australian communities, but protects the students from what is worst in both communities.

Experience has shown that putting together the enthusiasm of our community for their spiritual and academic goals together with modern Australian methods in education leads to amazing results. We have a wonderful opportunity to do great things with our children, and God has blessed us with the Coptic Schools to enable us to do them.


Bishop Pope Tawadros II

HG Bishop Daniel-HH Pope Tawadros II

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